Health Beat – Summer 2020

Health Beat Magazine Summer 2020The summer 2020 edition of Health Beat, SCMH’s new community magazine, is available now. Our philosophy is that as a healthcare provider in the region it is our responsibility to be concerned with the health of our entire population–whether that’s through support between clinic appointments or nutrition consultation or prenatal and obstetrics care. We have worked diligently with our medical team to assess the needs of our region and respond accordingly. This issue of Health Beat shares our insights, services and programs designed to better serve our population as a whole. In this issue, you’ll find a note about our response to COVID-19, the background on several new providers, stories about families we have served as well as new services available. We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and we welcome any feedback you may have regarding the information provided.

Please enjoy this digital copy of Health Beat. Contact the communications department at (785) 282-6845 to request print copies.