About Us

Smith County Memorial Hospital has been a staple in Smith County for over nearly 70 years.

After years of medical care being provided at the Ingleboro Mansion, the community saw a need for an improved venue to provide healthcare services in the county. A location south of town was chosen and the modern facility was opened in 1951 using a mixture of federal funding, tax dollars and charitable contributions. More than 50 years later, the county residents felt that it was time for an upgrade to the hospital. A new location along Highway 36 was chosen and the hospital moved in August of 2018.

We are most proud of our rich history of medical providers and staff in Smith County. We have been blessed with a variety of qualified and community-minded providers. We strongly believe this comes from years of teamwork. Watch the video below to see how three of our past doctors nurtured the belief that health care is about people, not money.

Board of Trustees

  • Chairman - Kenton Weltmer
  • Treasurer - Jim Sweat
  • Dr. Joe Barnes
  • Bruce Hardacre
  • Bret Strine