About Us

Smith County Memorial Hospital takes pride in its connection to the community.

“Critical access hospitals play an important role in our rural communities,” Allen Van Driel, CEO of SCMH, said, “Without access to high-quality healthcare, many of our communities would fade away. We know our patients have a choice in their healthcare and we want to support a rural quality of life as well as participate in the economic growth of our area.”

SCMH believes that a quality healthcare facility can improve not only the wellness of the individual patients it serves, but that of the community of the whole. And since the Smith County area has a small population, practitioners are able to develop closer relationships with their patients that allows them to provide a higher caliber of care.

“Our team is always striving to exceed expectations. While they may not see as many patients as facilities in urban areas, our providers must be trained to handle a multitude of situations and care for a diverse population. I’m extremely proud of the team at SCMH for their excellence in care and their compassion for our patient community,” Van Driel said.


Setting the standard of excellence in healthcare for North Central Kansas.


To do the right thing every day for the health of our patients, the development of our staff, the transparency of leadership, the confidence of our communities and the improvement of systems.

Values and Culture: 

Compassion– Coworkers, patients and guests feel appreciated. We care for and support the well-being of each other. Patient care extends to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support.

Quality – Evidence-based practices ensure that care provides the best outcome possible. We hold ourselves accountable by measuring outcomes of care and service.

Access – Patients and guests have access to see their provider and receive services needed in a timely way. We strive to offer and add services necessary to preserve and improve healthcare.

Stewardship – Human and financial resources are used responsibly in the delivery of care.

Leadership – We are encouraged to grow in our careers through continuing education, membership and leadership roles in professional organizations and by teaching and training others. As an organization, the hospital strives to be seen as a healthcare leader.

Community Engagement – We are encouraged to be engaged in local and surrounding communities to pursue personal fulfillment, to represent the hospital as a business partner and to better know our patients’ needs.


The Road to the New Building

We are most proud of our rich history of medical providers and staff in Smith County. We have been blessed with a variety of qualified and community-minded providers, a virtue that we strongly believe comes from years of teamwork. Watch the video below to see how three of our past doctors nurtured the belief that health care is about people, not money.

Board of Trustees

  • Chairman - Kenton Weltmer
  • Treasurer - Bret Strine
  • Dr. Joe Barnes
  • Bruce Hardacre
  • Lori Ifland