Grow Within Your Passion

“Here at Smith County Memorial Hospital, they find your passion and they feed that. They put you into positions and they give you opportunities to really grow within your passion,” Whitney Winder, RN. Scroll down to see our current openings. 

Our Values and Culture

We value compassion. Coworkers, patients and guests feel appreciated. We care for and support the well-being of each other. Patient care extends to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support.


Kai’s Story

Sarah Ragsdale, COO, presents Kai Wolfe with a Grow Our Own scholarship.

We Support Your Development

Smith County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to investing in its employees and promoting their professional growth. Our initiative, the Grow Our Own scholarship program, is a shining example of this commitment. The program, funded by donations from the community, empowers eligible employees to pursue degrees, certifications, and training programs relevant to their roles and career goals. We also offer job shadowing and internship opportunities.

Current Career Opportunities

Facility Services Director

Smith County Memorial Hospital is seeking a Facility Services Director. The facility services director supervises the operational needs, acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment in the hospital. The facility services manager also plans, organizes, and directs work on power plant – heating, electric, plumbing, disposal, and refrigeration maintenance of building and grounds. The successful candidate will be a key player in our collaborative environment, working closely with hospital administration, department managers, and all personnel at Smith County Memorial Hospital and Smith County Family Practice. If you are a dynamic professional with a strong background in facility management, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

A High School Diploma and the ability to communicate effectively are required. The position is open until filled. A background check is required. Smith County Memorial Hospital is an equal opportunity employer. We also offer a competitive salary and benefits package, including healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and professional development opportunities. Apply online in ten minutes. Apply Now


Clinic Float Nurse – Part-Time

We are seeking an LPN or RN with top-notch patient care skills. The Clinic Float Nurse provides professional nursing care for Smith County Family Practice patients following established standards and practices. Essential job functions include assisting Smith County Family Practice practitioners with delivering patient care, administering treatments, monitoring vital signs, performing diagnostic testing, and responding to urgent medical treatment and triage.

Qualifications: Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse; Graduate from an accredited school of Nursing with a current Kansas licensure. One year of professional nursing experience in a clinic setting preferred.

Continuing education requirements: Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification, CPR Certification, and additional education requirements to maintain Kansas Board of Nursing Licensure. Apply Now


Registration Specialist

This position is vital to the front lines of communication with patients and guests. A spirit of hospitality is the number one job requirement. Register patients in a professional and friendly manner, answer the phone courteously and professionally, and maintain confidentiality. This job requires a high school diploma or equivalent, computer skills, basic understanding of data entry, and a spirit of hospitality. Competitive pay plus full benefits. Apply Now

Food & Beverage – Cashier

Chef Steve is looking for Rock Star Spirit of Hospitality ambassadors to run our Cashier station in the Hometown Café!

The Hometown Café kitchen in the Smith County Memorial Hospital is both figuratively and literally open to the public, so all kitchen employees are expected to act as Spirit of Hospitality ambassadors, but as the person most “out front,” the Cashier is expected to embody that Spirit of Hospitality at every moment. This person is most apt to be the tip of the spear in terms of communication to and from the food and beverage department.  

Besides taking payments between 11:30 am and 3:00 pm, the Cashier is also expected to maintain sanitary conditions in the dining room area, on the customer side of the hot food and cold food line, on the salad bar, and on the drinks line. We all do dishes at the Hometown Café! Nobody escapes this task, not even me! The Cashier is expected to help in the dish room when other tasks are completed. Restocking the retail refrigerator, maintaining the coffee station, and all paper products are also part of the side duties involved with this position. There’s not much standing around time!

This position has steady hours, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, weekdays only, with all holidays off, starting at $15 an hour with full benefits, including medical and a contributory retirement plan. However, the top side is open-ended! You make it what you want it to be! Some people have used this position as a springboard to work their way into the kitchen, where the action is at the Hometown Café! One person who started as a Cashier has entered the Certified Dietary Manager program and will sit the national board exam and become a CDM before the Summer! Smith County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to fully supporting your development as a professional. If you have the Rock Star motivation, I will give you the tools you need to move into any position. But just as a Cashier, you are an integral part of a dynamic team that is critically relevant to the medical team, the staff of the facility, patients in the hospital, and the community at large. You can be proud of the work you do in the Hometown Café!

 If you are a Rock Star Spirit of Hospitality ambassador, consider joining our team! This position can be full or part-time. Apply Now


Chief Nursing Officer

Level up with an impactful leadership opportunity. Smith County Memorial Hospital is seeking a Chief Nursing Officer to join its leadership team. The CNO will work closely with all nursing departments, including acute, emergency, OB, specialty clinics, and surgery, and will work directly with providers to develop and carry out patient care plans. The ideal candidate will have experience in nursing services, excellent communication skills, an understanding of complex assignments and a passion for people. Previous leadership experience managing personnel schedules, budgets, and developing new team members is an advantage. This role will report to the Chief Executive Officer. Apply Now


Weekend RNs – Flexible Hours

Attention RNs seeking flexible weekend hours! Smith County Memorial Hospital has an opportunity that might be perfect for you. We’re looking for RNs to work on the weekends with a schedule that’s tailored to your needs. Apply Now


Registered Nurse – Full Time, Nights and Days

Smith County Memorial Hospital is seeking a full-time registered nurse to join our extensive nursing staff. The current position open is night shift dedicated to in-patient nursing and commitment to work every third weekend and holiday. A strong applicant will have several years of experience as an RN, excellent communication skills, the ability to work within a team and effective patient education skills. Experience in a hospital in-patient setting is preferred but not required. Certification requirements include BLS, ACLS, TNCC & PALS. Competitive wages and benefits package available. Apply Now



Food & Beverage – Cooks

Smith County Memorial Hospital has openings for food service personnel. This position is for cooks with professional experience to provide food and beverage services for patients, staff and the general public. They will collaborate with the nutrition and food service team regarding menu planning and nutrition specifications. Forecasts production, inventories and purchases, ensures all food and entrees are prepared in a timely manner, according to the recipes appropriate for the menu. Other duties include stocking and serving portion-controlled hot and cold food, replenishing stations, restocking work stations, assembly, delivery and collection of patient trays. Successful candidates will deliver guest service in a polite and courteous way and exhibit a friendly and approachable demeanor. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is interested in a regular schedule or someone wanting to work their way up in the hospitality industry. Apply Now


Food & Beverage – Sous Chef

I am looking for a Rock Star Sous Chef to help me with my career capstone project!

There is no ideal candidate for this job. A good candidate could have a culinary degree or be a graduate from the school of hard knocks. I am both myself. In either case, you should be able to present a decent pedigree in the form of a resume. Experience in healthcare food and beverage might be a plus, but it is not necessary.

I need an individual with solid experience who will immediately know what I am talking about and be able to add something of value to the conversation. I am imagining that this person will have 10+ years of hands-on experience in high-volume kitchens, some of it in supervisory positions. You’ll need to have a keen understanding of logistics and mis en place. If you are unaware of what mis en place is, you are not my Sous Chef. I am looking for a person with a good work ethic who manages from the front, leading by example, as I do. We all do dishes in my kitchen! If you are too good to get dirty with the rest of us, please move on to another job opportunity! Experience in the front of the house would be good. Our kitchen is open, and we are all ambassadors for the facility.

I am looking for a Sous Chef with enough hands-on kitchen experience to be an asset everywhere in the kitchen immediately. I need someone who is confident but not arrogant. I didn’t draw outside of the box on this one; I threw the box away and made a new one, so you must be willing to try something that hasn’t ever been tried before and not be afraid to fail, get up, dust off, and try again a different way. That is what I and my team do every day! I don’t intimidate easily, so I’m looking for someone who may do certain things better than I do! I am all about the strength of the team! Come and make my team stronger! You must have that understanding and be able to get everything you can out of whatever assets we have at our disposal. I need a Sous that can be one of those assets on the first day of work!

Again, there is no ideal candidate for this job. If you are in what you think is a dead-end job flipping veggie burgers in a large healthcare facility somewhere and you know you can do more, then come join us and be relevant!  

Smith County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to fully supporting your development as a professional. You can make this opportunity what you want it to be. We will train you to become a Certified Dietary Manager if you lack healthcare experience. I have precepted three CDMs that are presently working in the kitchen, and I am precepting two more right now that will sit the national board in a few months.

 My expectations for this applicant are very high. If you are the Rock Star I am looking for, please apply! Apply Now


Food & Beverage – Dietary Aid/Dishwasher

I am looking for Rock Star Dishwasher-Dietary Aids with a solid work ethic and a commitment to the Spirit of Hospitality!  

One of the people who keeps the wheels turning in the Hometown Café is the Dishwasher-Dietary Aid. The Dietary Aid runs what we call the tray line at breakfast, lunch, and supper. They read and double-check the meal tickets I write, telling everybody in the kitchen what items go on trays we send to patient rooms. I need the Dietary Aids to be switched on because we tailor meals to individual patients, creating many moving parts where mistakes are easily made. This person must be aware of current and past diet orders and probable changes.  

We all do dishes at the Hometown Café! Nobody escapes this task, not even me! In fact, I do many of the roughest pots and pans before anybody else even arrives in the kitchen. You’ll never see pots and pans stacked up waiting for a Dishwasher to arrive.

This is an entry-level position, and you can make this opportunity what you want it to be. Smith County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to fully supporting your development as a professional. I started as a Dishwasher in 1976 and eventually decided to make it a profession. Everybody in the Hometown Café kitchen started at ground zero and moved up. I can give you the tools you need to move yourself up. All you have to do is bring that Rock Star work ethic and be committed to the Spirit of Hospitality!  

Often, people who perform this task in a hospital setting feel insignificant and unappreciated. Here at the Hometown Café in the Smith County Memorial Hospital, you are an integral part of a dynamic team that is critically relevant to the medical team, the staff of the facility, patients in the hospital, and the community at large. You can be proud of the work you do in the Hometown Café!

The Dishwasher-Dietary Aid works a steady schedule starting at $15 an hour with full benefits, including medical and a contributory retirement plan, but the top side is open-ended! You make it what you want it to be!

If you are committed to the Spirit of Hospitality and can bring that Rock Star work ethic to the table every day, come join our team and be relevant! Apply Now



Looking for a position that’s not listed? We keep applications for up to six months, so we encourage you to send an application to be considered for new opportunities. Questions about openings can be sent to

Interested in a job shadow or internship experience at SMCH? Great! Fill out our application designed especially for students.

Smith County Memorial Hospital is an equal opportunity employer. Background check required. Positions open until filled. 

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