More COVID-19 Precautions Coming to SCMH

UPDATED 9/10/2021 – Effective immediately, SCMH is closed to all visitors in the hospital. Clinic patients may bring one support person with them to the appointments.

UPDATED 7/8/2021 – All employees, patients and guests must be screened when entering and wear masks through the facility per new OHSA requirements.

UPDATED 3/2/2021 – Beginning Wednesday, March 3, SCMH will lift patient visitor restrictions to one adult (18 years or older) at a time. This removes the “per day” previously part of the visitor policy. The medical staff cautions against family members and loved ones waiting in lobbies and recommends working with others to plan visits so that wait times are short and limit the possibility of exposure to illness for visitors and patients. Patients in OB care will be allowed one support person throughout their stay.

UPDATED 1/4/2021 – Visitor restrictions will remain at one person per patient, per day unless COVID-19 or other infectious illness require us to make changes to the visitor policy.

UPDATED 12/21/2020 – Through the holidays we’ll be lessening our visitor restrictions to allow for one person per day. We know visitors are an important part of the healing process–especially this time of year! All visitors should call ahead, wear a mask and plan to follow protocols from our nursing staff. If you’re unable to visit, consider a video chat. Our nurses would be happy to arrange a video call with your loved one for you.

UPDATES 11/20/2020. – The administration and medical staff at Smith County Memorial Hospital are requiring new precautions as part of an increase in COVID-19 incidence in the area. Beginning Monday, Nov. 23 the following changes will be made for visitors and patients at the hospital and clinic.

  1. All patients and visitors should enter the hospital through the ER doors to be screened. The front entrance to the hospital will be closed.
  2. Masks will be required for all patients and visitors in addition to all staff. This is following a new mandate from Gov. Laura Kelly that includes a rule for obtaining services at healthcare facilities.
  3. Patient visitation will be restricted with the exception of one caregiver for pediatric patients, one coach for OB patients and family during end-of-life care. Exceptions will be decided by the nursing staff. SCMH staff encourages those coming to the family practice, specialty clinic and other hospital appointments to come alone. Family members or caregivers who are needed for support will be welcome to attend appointments.
  4. Hometown Cafe will begin take-out only service. Patrons may call the hospital to request a meal and will be asked to pick it up from the ER entrance. The public will not be screened to come into the facility for meals.

“We recognize these are significant changes, especially the changes to visitation,” said Allen Van Driel, CEO of the hospital. “We aren’t the first hospital in the area to have to completely restrict visitors and while we didn’t want to have to make this change, we are hopeful that this measure will keep both our patients and their families healthier in the long-term.”


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