Know Your Facts: Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

During this open enrollment period, which ends on December 7, adults 65+ will be contacted to choose between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. We understand that this decision can be confusing, so we are sharing the Know Your Facts handouts linked below to help you make an informed choice.

We also want to let you know that our Patient Advocate, Lori Dennis, is certified by SHICK (Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas). Lori is a compassionate and knowledgeable resource who can answer your questions about which Medicare Advantage plans our Providers accept as well as crucial factors to consider when switching to a Medicare Advantage plan, which is a REPLACEMENT of Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Supplemental Medical Insurance).

A 2021 study showed that rural Medicare Advantage plan enrollees were nearly twice as likely to switch back to Original Medicare because of the limited network of providers. You can reach Lori via phone at (785) 282-6845 or email at

Thank you for choosing Smith County Memorial Hospital and Smith County Family Practice for your healthcare!

Know Your Facts Part 1: Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Know Your Facts Part 2: Understanding Medicare Advantage

Know Your Facts Part 3: Steps Before Signing Up for a Medicare Advantage Plan