SCMH Says Farewell to Dr. Dimitt

Dr. Stacey DimittSMITH CENTER, Kan. – Dr. Stacey Dimitt and her family will be relocating to New Mexico at the end of the year. Dimitt let hospital and clinic staffs know of the change last week.

“I’m sure that all of you feel, as I do, that Dr. Dimitt has been a wonderful addition to our medical staff, and that we are each better for having known her,” said Allen Van Driel, CEO, in an email to staff.

In a recent meeting with the medical staff Dimitt shared the news of her family’s decision and received well-wishes from the employees at the clinic and hospital.

Her new role allows the Dimitts to follow a family dream.

“My husband and I have always felt drawn to the mountains,” Dimitt said. “When a position became available in Grants, N.M., that allowed me more time with my family, we felt we needed to take a leap of faith and give it a try.”

Dimitt will remain at SCMH through mid-December and is working with the medical staff to help support a transition.

“We will begin recruiting, but finding a physician of Dr. Dimitt’s caliber is not a short process,” Van Driel said. “We are discussing many possibilities regarding staffing for the clinic, hospital and emergency department. Many options are open to us, and I feel good that all of the medical staff is actively engaged in the process.”

Dimitt reflects on her time in Smith Center as extremely positive.

“My experience here has been unbelievable,” Dimitt said. “I’ve learned so much from the other providers, staff and community in general. My family has been so welcomed and supported, and we are grateful for every bit of it. My time here will influence every facet of my practice from here on.”

As for her work at the hospital and clinic, Dimitt will always hold her patients close.

“I will miss my patients dearly,” Dimiit said. “Fortunately, they are so very blessed to choose from any one of our other fabulous providers for their continued care.”

Van Driel agrees Dimitt has been a dynamic part of a special team at SCMH and SCFP.

“A huge part of what makes SCMH the outstanding service provider we are is the quality of our medical staff,” Van Driel said. “Please be patient as we work through this adjustment and join us in wishing Dr. Dimitt and her family the very best as they embark on the next phase of life’s adventure.”