Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy

Chemotherapy treatments eliminate quickly-growing cells in the body, most often, cancer cells. Immunotherapy can be used to treat cancer or other diseases by helping the body fight infection. SCMH offers both chemotherapy and immunotherapy for our patients. Just about all cancers are treated at Smith County Memorial Hospital including colon, breast, leukemia and more. Our services include hormonal and non-hormonal treatments, depending on the situation.

We know treatments can place a large burden on patients and caregivers. Our staff is a resource for our communities and allows us to care for patients closer to home. Patients will receive dedicated, personal care by SCMH nursing staff that understand that relieving the stress and anxiety of travel can be beneficial to healing. Before chemotherapy or immunotherapy treatment, our staff consults with a patient’s oncology team and ensure that we have everything in place to begin. They answer questions and provide educational support to patients and their caregivers. If needed, our staff will be in regular communication with a patient’s oncology team. Our nursing team provides support between treatments to help explain medications or oversee telehealth appointments with specialty providers.

To receive chemotherapy or immunotherapy at SCMH, patients should ask their oncologist or primary care provider to communicate their needs to our nursing team. Patients do not need to have a primary care provider at the clinic, they simply need to request services be done at Smith County Memorial Hospital.

“My certification is in chemotherapy administration and patient education. Not only do I support their medical care, but part of my job is also to help provide a friendly, familiar face that helps remove some of that uncertainty.” – Kristine Fowler, RN

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