Mental and Behavioral Health

Mental and behavioral health challenges can affect any individual. According to the Kansas Health Institute, over 53% of Kansas adults do not receive treatment for these concerns. SCMH has partnered with the University of Kansas Health System’s specialists to serve our community. These specialists are able to assess and treat a range of behavioral concerns.

Our Services Include:

  • Coping with depression and anxiety
  • Thoughts associated with chronic illness
  • Grief with loss of a loved one
  • Sleep and stress management
  • Life-threatening diagnosis
  • Healthy lifestyle interventions
  • Substance misuse and abuse
  • And more

This telehealth program is committed to reducing the barriers of care that patients face when in need of mental and behavioral health services. Because every session is done via telehealth, barriers such as shortages of specialists, location and the stigma of receiving mental and behavioral healthcare are reduced or eliminated.

This program offers multifaceted benefits:

  • Patients gain convenient, private access to outpatient specialty care. This benefits patients who struggle with a range of mental health concerns and those who may be reluctant to seek care, especially if they must drive a long distance to receive it.
  • Rural primary care providers gain access to specialty resources their patients need and often feel challenged to find. This also increases the likelihood that patients will benefit by providing these services in a private, familiar setting.
  • Facilities gain a valued service that is often underserved.

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